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11/12/13 9:42 AM 

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Monday, 08 Nov 2010 

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200 Years of Mission 

Building a New Community Around the 
World and at Home 

by Jan Aerie & Kathy Clark 

This year, the United Church of Christ is celebrating the 200th Anniversary of 
Global Missions. As part of the commemoration, Conference Ministers from 
throughout the UCC have been invited to travel to various mission sites around the 
world to see our mission in action. In September 2010, Associate Conference 
Minister Kathy Clark travelled to Zambia and South Africa where, among others, 
she met with several partners working in 
Theological Education by Extension, programs 
of lay theology begun by Rev. Dick Sales more 
than 30 years ago. Rev. Sales founded the 
Theology Among the People (TAP) program 
based on these models. In March 201 1 , 
Conference Minister Tim Downs will travel to 
China and the Philippines. We are blessed in 
the Southeast Conference to have many retired 
missionaries continuing to share their stories 
and witness among us. 

The American Board of Commissioners for 
Foreign Missions, the first North American 

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Southeast Conference 


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Church of Christ 

Unified Governance receives 
approval of UCC boards, 
Executive Council 
Following a year of deliberation, 
including discernment and 
dialog from congregations, 
Conferences and interest 
groups, a "Proposal for Unified 
Governance of the National 
Setting of the United Church of 
Christ" was delivered by the 
Unified Governance (UGov) 
Working Group and has 
received approval to proceed 
from the UCC's Executive 
Council and the boards of the 
four Covenanted Ministries. 


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Leader Link Feature Focus Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

11/12/13 9:42 AM 

foreign mission organization, was established 
by the Congregational Churches of 
Massachusetts on June 29, 1810 and held its first meeting around a small table in 
the parlor of Rev. Noah Porter's home in Farmington, CT on September 5, 1810. 

governing and self-propagating indigenous churches* 

Click on the slide show below and review some wonderful photos of Zambia and 
South Africa. Enjoy the beauty of the landscape, the history and its people. 

September 2010 

The day of the ordination and commissioning of the first missionaries who were to 
go overseas from the U.S. was fiercely cold; yet the Tabernacle Church in Salem, 
Massachusetts, was crowded. Visitors came from far and near on February 6th, 
1812, to see the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions give the 
solemn charge to Adoniram Judson, Samuel Newell, Samuel Nott, Jr., Gordon 
Hall, and Luther Rice. Students from Andover Seminary and Phillips Academy, 
Andover, walked to and from Salem (better than fifty miles round trip) to attend the 

Uiey have gone, 
into all areas 
of the ivorld 
the Good News 
through many 
projects in 
and healing. 
For what larger 
purpose has God 
led us thus far? 

Within two years of the genesis of the ABCFM, 
missionaries were dispatched to India, where 
they established the first mission stations, and 
soon to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). Other early 
mission efforts were directed to American 
Indian populations beginning in 1817. Mission 
expanded to the Near east (now called the 
Middle East) and to the Sandwich Islands 
(Hawaii) in 1819, then China by 1831, Africa in 
1834 and Japan by 1869. This period of 
expansion of mission came largely during the 
tenure of Rufus Anderson, who served as 
Secretary of the Board from 1832 - 1866. 
Anderson contributed to the theory and 
practice of foreign mission during that time and 
is best known for articulating the "three-self 
formula". Anderson defined the goal of 
mission as the creation of self-supporting, self- 

Africa 2010 September 2010 Africa 2010 

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Leader Link Feature Focus Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

11/12/13 9:42 AM 

The proceedings were 
followed with almost 
breathless interest. Here 
were talented and trained 
young men, before whom life 
opened so promisingly, 
committing themselves to the 
hazards of a foreign mission! 
The eyes of the congregation 
were often turned on the 
faces of two young women 
who were present - one Mr. 
Judson's bride of a day, and 
the other the promised wife 
of Newell. Later, the record 
of her faith during her short 
life was to become a mighty 
incentive to the new 
missionary movement. 

That same evening Nott, 
Hall, and Rice left for 
Philadelphia supposing they 
had just time to catch the 
Harmony before she sailed. 
The Judsons and Newells 
remained in Salem awaiting 
the Caravan, a brigantine 
which was getting ready to 
leave for Calcutta. Delays 
occurred in the sailings of 
both vessels, trying the 
spirits of the eager missionaries but bringing relief to the Board's officers who were 
seeing the treasury filling fast. When it was known that the Board not merely 
proposed to send out missionaries but that these young people were embarking, 
gifts flowed in from all quarters. Within three weeks of the decision to send 
missionaries in faith, more than $6000 was collected. By the time the Caravan 
sailed it was possible to furnish the young people with their full outfits and a year's 
salary in advance. Considering the disturbed conditions to follow because of war, 
and the difficulty in transporting money, this was indeed fortunate. In a similar way, 
offerings of friends in the neighborhood of Philadelphia fully equipped those who 
sailed on the Harmony. 

On February 19th, the Caravan sailed out of Salem, carrying the Judsons and 
Newells; the Harmony, with Mr. and Mrs. Nott, and Hall and Rice, finally got away 
from the Delaware CaDe on the 24th. Thus was launched, all those vears aao. a 

"Dr. Dkk Saks hra 

liad the jy~ea1csl 
imparl ins llie cihumh 
in Zambia thun qiny 
<i[Iilt individual I 
kncsfw," Tliesf wun.N 
came snontiLrjeously 
In iaitf in cuitversii- 
1 1 . •■ i ■■Ml!: I 1 . !■.!": 

KuihJiAi uf Kilut-, 
Zambia, one of tha 
Ihh 1 *. oh my jtmrncy 
ihrnugh Ziimhia find 
Stnilh Africa earlier 
this year. I heunl similar ^ntinnjut* in every sslting 
tlut [ s-ihiied. One usf" my joys in taking ih\\ trip wan 
ihe (ippuriiiniiy &u visit wiih olnxiiors ol Theological 
1-jJuejJion h\ l:*lcasmm iTl-Ki-, sihlinij groups, ttumr 
im ii Theiilugy Aimm^ llie People {.T-VPj prugnurn in 
tlie SouihDuisc Conferefie*. 

Rev. Dr. Dkk Sales, retired niisuiwwy »r*l active 
member of the UCC *1x> currently lives in Binwng.- 
hLini. Alabama u illi his wile Njnn.7. spcnl mudi oi 
hi* csuwr sirerigiheiwag the church ihrmi^h 
theological eduction for lay unJ ordained leaders in 
IfciKv^ma. /iiiiihiiL. Ziinbalmo, Suuih AiiLlsi. slim I, 
upon his "lin-l" reLiremenl- Ihrouplwuil the SAUinftdil 
Conference. Literally ihoutfifidx of psulocs jukI lay 
men und women have been equipped for ministries 
u hhmihe church mv} tlie wnrld because i>f ibeir 
inuikeinenl in iKOjjraim Mich ;i^ IAI-' aikl II- K. 

What a blessing ii wsw k> visit the kind ihm he krees 
ho much mi J lo mcel people who lave and hoimr hint 
I'tir bis long laMing ministry. TEE programs be^uu 
Dr. Salc> cnnlinLie in thrive und lo j.rmv thnru^h- 

■ow Si-niiiisiii AiViL a, as hvn; in ihv SEr. 


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Leader Link Feature Focus Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

11/12/13 9:42 AM 

far, heroic enterprise. Who can conceive of the scope, character and power of 

service of the nearly 5000 men and women who have followed these eight? They 
have gone into all areas of the world witnessing the Good News through many 

projects in evangelism, education, 
and healing. For what larger purpose 
has God led us thus far?** Link here 
to read a list of Notable Appearances 
of the ABCFM in U.S. and World 

Over the years other organizations 
became part of the corporation 
(notably the Evangelical and 
Reformed mission and service 
agencies, women's mission boards, etc.). Today the same corporation exists with 
a new name which changed in 1961 to United Church Board for World Ministries 
and again in 1999 to Wider Church Ministries (a covenanted ministry of the United 
Church of Christ). There is much in our history and our current ministry for which 
we celebrate and give thanks to God. There is also much that we can learn from 
past mistakes (visible perhaps only in hindsight) and some about which we can 
confess and seek forgiveness. Join us in commemorating this anniversary 
throughout 2010-2012. 
For more information and resources link here. 

Read more - Reflections of a Global Ministries Pilgrim: A Feast for the Soul. 
Kathy Clark, recently returned from a Global Ministries tour of Zambia and South 
Africa, shares from her journal. Link here to read the journal entries. 

•David M. Stowe, Year 175: A Brief History of the United Church Board for World 
Ministries. (New York: UCBWM, 1948). 

** Based upon "The History of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign 

Jan Aerie is the Executive for Mission Education and Interpretation in Wider Church and 
Global Ministries of the United Church of Christ. 

Kathy ClarkKathy Clark is Associate Conference Minister for Ministry Formation and 
Leadership Development of the Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ. 

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